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Press reviews for Stump the Guesser by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson


„Two years since their fantastic feature The Green Fog (screened in Forum), Canadian national treasures Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson return to the Berlinale with Stump The Guesser. It’s an absurdist silent film that sees a fairground guesser lose his divining talents and who takes it upon himself to disprove the theory of hereditary, because he’s fallen in love with his long-lost sister. Sound deliriously nuts? It is, and Stump The Guesser displays the Canadian filmmakers’ signature brand of cineliterate playfulness.“
David Mouriquand for Exberliner


„No one makes films like Guy Maddin. Canada’s craziest conjurer of haunted, crackling images returns to the Berlinale with a surrealist silent short telling the story of a professional “guesser” stumped by the surprise re-entrance of his sister. Entrancing and befuddling in equal measure, it plays something like Modern Times crossed with Eraserhead.“
Redmond Bacon for Directors Notes


Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, and Galen Johnson are following up on The Green Fog (2017) with the nineteen-minute Stump the Guesser, one of twenty-four films from eighteen countries lined up for this year’s Berlinale Shorts.
David Hudson for Criterion


Man darf also gespannt sein, beispielsweise auf „Stump the Guesser“, den neuesten Streich von Guy Maddin und den Johnsons (Evan und Galen), die zuletzt 2018 mit dem filmhistorischen Gag „The Green Fog“ im Forum vertreten waren.
Alexandra Seitz für Berliner Zeitung


„Stump the Guesser“ von Guy Maddin, Evan und Galen Johnson fiel als einziger humoristischer Beitrag auf, der auf fast surreale Weise mit dem vergangenen Medium des Stummfilms spielt.
Doreen Matthei für Testkammer


short review on RBB Inforadio (in german)


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