Impressions of Shorts II

Premiere on Monday! (10.02.; 22:00; Cinemaxx3)

selfie diaa
„Im Tekhayekh Ha’Olam Yekhayekh Elekha“ („Smile, and the world will smile back“)by Ehab Tarabieh, Yoav Gross and family al-Haddad
„As Rosas Brancas“ („The White Roses“) by Diogo Costa Amarante
„Three Stones for Jean Genet“ by Frieder Schlaich told by Patti Smith
Yudi telphone teddy bear
„La Casona“ (The Big House“) by Juliette Touin
„WONDER“ by Mirai Mizue

Impressions of Shorts IV

Premiere on Tuesday! (11.02.; 22:00; CinemaxX 3)

to thy heart (5)
„Do serca Twego“ – „To Thy Heart“ by Ewa Borysewicz
„Raconte-moi des salades“ – „Salad Days“ by Olias Barco
2- Om Amira & her Daughter Amira
„Om Amira“ by Naji Ismail
stills laborat 3
„LABORAT“ by Guillaume Cailleau
„Tant qu’il nous reste des fusils à pompe“ – „As long as shotguns remain“ by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel