Christian Jankowski, German artist and professor at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design talks about his work, interests and the responsibility as a fine artist. This year, he is a member of the International Short Film Jury.

christian-00081-3.jpg© Jörg Reichardt

Nowadays how can an artist wake up your interest?

By making an art work that surprises me. With energy, courage, monkeyshines and honesty.

It’s important for you to experiment and to take a risk with the uncertain, what’s your vision behind that?

The hope to find something new. To experience new alliances holds surprises.

You have said that art must differ from the normal life to be art. Why?

Because it does not exist, if it doesn’t end up in the feuilleton one day. At least, it has to be abnormal normal to be recognized.

If you would have a big wall on a skyscraper that everybody can see and you could write one sentence on it. What would you write?

„The same like you“ or „To all the blind people“ or „Everybody can see me“ or „See me, feel me, touch me, heel me“ or „Ask Jenny Holzer“

Which films are out of the official canon / out of conversation that you really miss? Why would you like to highlight it?

I am not missing anything, but curious to see what will be different and outside the official canon. I think nowadays everything is in conversation – also the obsessed action film maker in an African slum gets internationally notice and it´s good like this. I think that everything that looks for conversation gets into conversation.

You respond frequently that it is your responsibility as a fine artist to build bridges between people and different ideologies of life. In terms of that: What was your most impressive experience?

Many. It is as challenging to work on contemporary performances with the Vatican as it is to work with professional sport coaches.

Fine artist, curator and jury member. What’s next?

Actor in a German crime story.

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