It wasn’t the right mountain, Mohammad / press

press reviews and interviews for It wasn’t the right mountain, Mohammad by Mili Pecherer



„Bible fan-fiction rendered through 3D Computer animation, It Wasn’t The Right Mountain, Mohamed utilises video game-like graphics to tell the origin story of the ram sacrificed by Abraham. With God listed as playing himself, and antelopes standing in for rams, this is a strange, touching fable where “no one in the world is innocent”. “
Redmond Bacon for Directors Notes


„Two European film schools are also represented in the competition. From France’s Le Fresnoy comes computer animation It Wasn’t the Right Mountain, Mohammad (Mili Pecherer) in which the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac is told with a different point of view as ancient stories meet new technology.“
Laurence Boyce for Cineuopa


Auch der Berlin Short Film Kandidat für den ‚European Film Award‘ stellt eine Frau in den Vordergrund und erzählt in „It Wasn’t the Right Mountain, Mohammad“ von Mili Pecherer eine biblische Geschichte aus anderer Sicht.
Doreen Matthei für Testkammer

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