„More Happiness“ / press

Press reviews for „More Happiness“ by Livia Huang

„Are those flashbacks actual memories or memories laced with fantasy, with the film ending in a pretty much fantastic realm? We couldn’t possibly know it, and it does not really matter. Thanks to Hunag’s subtle scriptwriting and directing, and also to Jack Davis’ lyrical cinematography, Andrew Aaronson’s meditative editing and especially the fitting music composed by Fu Yuying and the perfect sound design by Noah Chevan, More Happiness reaches the emotional depths and the universal level.“
review by Marko Stojiljković on Ubiquarian

„Memories don’s stop to reoccur. She is pacing though the night behind her beloved one. The pattern of the blouse and ponytail at her eye level. Colours. Reflections. Mundane life. How do you picture happiness? Can you make a snapshot of it and keep it in your mind and heart forever or does that image get bleaker and bleaker with time? We get no answers, but the young woman’s spirit finally breaks free in the final scene of  the film.“
review by Marina D. Richter on Asian Movie Pulse

„Die Regisseurin Livia Huang erzählt in ihrem Kurzfilm „More Happiness“ von der Frage des Glücks, der Perspektive auf diese sowie von familiären Verbindungen und Liebesbeziehungen. Auf poetische Weise findet Huang Antworten und liefert mit einer gelungenen Bildsprache, die einem nah geht, die passenden Bilder zur melancholischen Stimmung des Films.“
review by Doreen Matthei on Testkammer.de

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