„Si t’as un coeur“ / press

Press reviews for „Si t’as un coeur“ by Émilie Vandenameele

„It might seem as a knotty network of relationships, laced by the inflation of teenage drama and sprinkled with the volatility of their communication. It is, but it is not necessarily a bad thing, especially in the hands of a talented stage writer, actress and director such as Vandenbeele [sic] who has the complete control. The dialogue here, or at least the perfect calibration of its harshness and mellowness at just the right moments, is a thing to admire, while the directing done in a classical European art house style (hand-held camerawork, the rhythmic changes between the wide shots and close-ups and the contrasts between the sun-kissed, richly green nature in the day and the cool blues of the night) fits the bill. Young Hearts is here to remind us why ageing is not a bad thing after all, but also to motivate us to understand teenagers in our surroundings. For them, their drama is real.“
review by Marko Stojiljković on Ubiquarian

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