„One Hundred Steps“ / press

Press reviews for „One Hundred Steps“ by Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca 

„The second part of the film takes us to the south of France, to Marseilles and to a bourgeois urban palace in the centre of the city. The mechanics of the plot is similar, a woman comes late to the guided tour and the music, both instrumental and a capella ensues, drawing the parallels between the different cultural heritages, from the Arabic to the Occitan to the Celtic and eventually to modern French and English. Wagner and de Burca prove their point here in a seemingly effortless and highly elegant fashion, blurring the lines between the documentary and the fiction filmmaking in a proper artistic essay. The camerawork in the shades of grey handled by Pedro Sotero and Joana Luz is simply marvellous, especially during the perfectly controlled steadicam shots taking us from one “action” to another, while the precise editing Daniela De Lamare suits the purpose perfectly. Brilliantly exhibited, One Hundred Steps takes it point across easily.“
review by Marko Stojiljković on Ubiquarian

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