„Vadim na progulke“ / press

Press reviews for „Vadim na progulke“ by Sasha Svirsky

„Stepping out of the comfort zone is never easy, but hardly any life coach or a new age smartass could explain us the basic reason for feeling unpleasant when finally taking the step to personal freedom. Probably the most basic reason for being scared of new things is the difficulty to re-orient oneself in new spaces. That confusion is the primary subject of Sasha Svirsky’s animated short film Vadim on a Walk that has recently premiered at the Berlinale Shorts competition.“
review by Marko Stojiljković on ubiquarian.net

„Делай, что велят, и радуйся — и есть дом, милый дом для спящего сознания. Взнервленный рисунок, отличный ритм. Чувственная работа Свирского, новый прорыв режиссера, словно к карандашу его подключили электрический ток сегодняшнего дня.“
review by Larisa Malyukova in Novaya Gazeta

„Sasha Svirsky world premieres his new film Vadim on a Walk (Vadim na progulke, School Shar Studio); the new film premieres one year after Svirksy’s previous film, My Galactic Twin Galaction, premiered at Berlinale Shorts 2020. The film is about a transformation and spiritual release of a main character who finds himself trapped in a dull and joyless daily routine of a simple office clerk.“
mention on Zippy Frames

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