Golden Bear 2021 for „Nanu Tudor“

Olga Lucovnicova received the Golden Bear for her film „Nanu Tudor.“
Here she is pictured with Basim Magdy, Christine A. Maier and Sebastian Urzendowsky (from left to right), the three members of the Berlinale Shorts jury at the 71st edition of the Berlin International Film Festival.

The jury, consisting of Egyptian artist Basim Magdy, Austrian cinematographer Christine A. Maier and German actor Sebastian Urzendowsky, released the following statement about their decision:

„In Nanu Tudor (My Uncle Tudor), Olga Lucovnicova leads us through the complexity of unraveling a childhood trauma. While intimate details gradually introduce us to a seemingly idyllic world of innocent nostalgia, her conversation with her Uncle Tudor builds up to expose her childhood horror and his unrepentant denial. Lucovnicova’s subtle cinematic gaze circles around her family members with precision. Her personal courage combined with cinematic mastery create a film that is both powerful and emotionally layered.“

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