Misterio“ –
by Chema García Ibarra
(Spain 2013, 12 minutes)



The mystery is about the Virgin Mary, coming to earth and occupying the body of a young, fat, quiet man. The popular superstition says, if you put your ear to the back of the neck of the young man, you can hear the Virgin speak. No wonder there is a long queue of women – all dressed up in blouses with tiger stripes – who want to lay their ear. A housewife in her fifties does it, but she doesn’t hear anything. She is disappointed because she’s surrounded by people who don’t speak with her: her husband and her dumb son. They both are fat with shaved heads, look like Nazis and sleep under the Nazi flag in the bedroom. The housewife escapes reading science fiction novels about outer space. It’s a weird story about the pursuit of happiness with associative pictures, sometimes without a clue to the following, just like dramas or fantasies but with an unexpected humor.

By Andrea Dittgen


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