Announcements: Berlinale Shorts International Jury 2015 + Audi Short Film Award

The short film has a long tradition as an art form at the Berlinale and is an important component in the festival’s artistic profile. Since 1956 the Berlin International Film Festival has awarded a Golden and a Silver Bear to the best short films. Now in the 60th year of their presentation, they will be joined by still another award whose winner will also be selected by the Berlinale Shorts International Jury:

The Audi Short Film Award will go to a director who has an extraordinary artistic signature. The winner will take home 20,000 euros. This makes the Audi Short Film Award one of the most generously endowed short film prizes in the world. With this award, Audi is considerably expanding its partnership with the Berlin International Film Festival.

“The award sponsored by Audi ideally augments our commitment to the short film and underscores its importance. We are delighted that Audi has launched this initiative to promote new and gifted directors further,” states Dieter Kosslick, Director of the Berlinale.

“The Audi Short Film Award is yet another step in our cooperation with the Berlinale. As a progressive brand, we want to enable people to fully experience the connection between Audi and filmmaking in the future, and in many different ways. And to us that also includes an award that shines the spotlight on the creative talents of short film directors,” said Wayne Griffiths, Head of Sales Germany at AUDI AG.

The nominees for the Audi Short Film Award are all those directors participating with their films in the competition for best short film in the Berlinale Shorts programme. Appointed by the Berlinale, a three-member International Jury will decide who gets the award, which will be presented to the winner on February 14, 2015 during the Berlinale Awards Ceremony.

Check out our new International Short Film Jury 2015 here

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