Director Sasha Svirsky on „My Galactic Twin Galaction“ and the short form / interview

Russian filmmaker Sasha Svirsky was born in 1980 and graduated from the Grekov Art College in Rostov-on-Don with a diploma in painting. He is a self-taught animator and, since 2008, has worked as an independent animation director creating over 30 animation films. He has developed his own artistic language by mixing media, using a method of improvisation and challenging stereotypes. He lives in Moscow and, since 2013, has collaborated with his partner and wife, Nadezhda Svirskaia.

What was your starting point for My galactic twin Galaction?

The story started in 2016 when I create my 2017 calendar. The calendar consisted of posters for inexistent films and one of the films was My Galactic Tween Galaction. Two years later I came up with an idea to make a film with this title and I started a making process during which I decided not to make a film but to make a making of the film that I had decided not to do.

Do you have a favorite moment in the film? Which one and why this one?

If I have to choose only one moment I would pick the finale titles. When the production process of the film had already been done, I was unsatisfied about the final titles but decided to leave it as it was for a while and to come back to the problem later. Finally, I made it after three months or so but due to the delay, this moment became more memorable for me.

What do you like about the short form?

Probably, the main reason why short forms seem appealing to me is the feeling of freedom they give. I don’t feel a burden of responsibility when I am making a short film. I just have fun.


photo ©Dorothea Tuch

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