My Galactic Twin Galaction / press

Press reviews for My galactic twin Galaction by Sasha Svirsky


„Animation has always been a Russian strong suit. “My Galactic Twin Galaction,” a mixed-media piece from self-taught animator Sasha Svirsky, competes in the Berlinale Shorts.“
Alissa Simon for Variety


„Master Russian animator Sasha Svirsky presents My Galactic Twin Galaction, a meta-story about two twins fighting evil forces taking over the universe that seamlessly blends 4chan-aesthetics, Monthy Pythonesque-photo collages and vaporware YouTube videos. Endlessly satisfying. Endlessly re-watchable.“
Redmond Bacon for Directors Notes


„We had fun when we were making the film and didn’t expected Berlinale selection at all. Would be cool if audience will have fun watching it“
Zippy Frames


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