Director Rand Abou Fakher on „So We Live“ and on the short form / interview

Born in Syria in 1995, Rand Abou Fakher has lived in Brussels since 2015. In Syria, she studied as a flautist at the Conservatory but she went on to discover Brussels through the lens of her camera. Her first short film Braided Love was mentored by the Hungarian film director Béla Tarr and premiered at the 2018 Sarajevo Film Festival. Keen to explore different artistic disciplines, she is currently performing in the theatre piece “Bruegel” by Lisaboa Houbrechts.

What was your starting point for So we live?

The starting point of the film came from the question: what if this moment I am living in is the last!? How many things I kept hanging thinking that time will solve it!? And how many people I haven’t told that I love them yet!? And others that I haven’t said sorry to!?

Do you have a favourite moment in the film? Which one and why this one?

There is no one exact moment that I live in the film for me everything together makes the whole picture and no one moment is more important than the other cause it is about a piece of time where every moment is important.

What do you like about the short form?

I love about the short form how specific you can be about one subject or one vision and how you can zoom in to put this idea in a frame.


photo ©Dorothea Tuch

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