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Press coverage for „Ventana“ by Edgar Jorge Baralt

„La foto era la de una ventana con unos vitrales de colores, y en esa nostalgia de ver la foto, me empecé a dar cuenta del transcurrir del tiempo, de lo distintas que son las circunstancias, de cómo han cambiado las cosas y quise tomarla como punto de partida para hacer este cortometraje, que me movió a investigar el tipo de cine que quería hacer en esta circunstancia: en la casa, sin acceso a muchas cosas. Se puede decir de cierta manera que es una película generada por la pandemia.“
interview by Aquilino José Mata on El Estímulo

„The Venezuela-born and Los Angeles based director Edgar Jorge Baralt refers to his Berlinale Shorts contender as a “Soft time-travel” film. There is no doubt that Window is a deeply personal work realized with almost no budget, based on the idea of showing the instability of the present by browsing through the pieces of past. Most of the work here is done by Baralt himself, he is credited as the writer/director, cinematographer, editor and music composer, as well as the narrator and cast member. The rest of the work, mostly in the sound department, is done by his creative partner Christina C. Nguyen who also served as the film’s additional cinematographer and fellow cast member.“
review Marko Stojiljković on Ubiquarian

„Baralt composes pale echoes of the photograph’s stained glass window out of now-commonplace laptops, monitors, and flat-screen TVs, with a careful eye for natural light and the reflective properties of such screens. In one telling cut, a nondescript TV screen, with its panoply of cables and soundbars hanging off the bottom, is turned from matte surface to bright mirror, also revealing that latter-day signifier of analog devotion—a record collection, with Big Star’s #1 Record on prominent display. The ghost of Edward Yang hangs heavy, and one sees in Ventana a hint of what the late master of reflections would have found in all the household glassware introduced in the two decades since his death.“
review by Jack Seibert for Ultra Dogme

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