Golden Bear for Best Short Film goes to „Les chenilles“

Les chenilles“ by Noel Keserwany and Michelle Keserwany received the Golden Bear for Best Short Film by the 2023 International Short Film Jury consisting of Editor Cătălin Cristuțiu, Director and Screenwriter Isabelle Stever and Artist, Director Sky Hopinka.

„Through carefully arranging image and sound, this complex sensual film transforms the means of woman’s oppression into those of their liberation. When the third person becomes an “I”, the women are no longer objects of exploitation, but have turned into subjects. The silkworms will metamorphose into spiders, whose nets do not serve silk production, but their own survival. An immediate friendship connects two women, in whose bodies the consequences of colonialization are inscribed. The magic of their bond will continue to exist in our perception. The Golden Bear for Best Short Film goes to Michelle and Noel Keserwany’s Les Chenilles.“

Synposis: Asma and Sarah meet while working as waitresses in France. They both come from the Levant and are carrying the shadows of the past with them, each in their own way. They tentatively befriend each other and find a common ground that goes back to the time when the city of Lyon was connected to their homeland via the Silk Road. A film about exploitation – then and now – and about female solidarity, friendship and solace.

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