Silver Bear Jury Prize (Short Film) 2023 for „Marungka tjalatjunu“

Marungka tjalatjunu“ (Dipped in Black) by Matthew Thorne and Derik Lynch received the Silver Bear Jury Prize (Short Film) by the 2023 International Short Film Jury consisting of Editor Cătălin Cristuțiu, Director and Screenwriter Isabelle Stever and Artist, Director Sky Hopinka.

„This film exposes and weaves together those tender and difficult threads of living in multiple worlds–worlds which are your own, full of loss and love, of trauma and survival–and worlds which are thrust upon you, often violent, often unrelenting, and often unforgiving. Marungka tjalatjunu navigates beautifully and eloquently an assured sense of self in body and in language, while exploring the questions of what happens when you leave your homeland, and how you return. This is a film of healing and of elegance, and the places that exist between sunrise and sunset, and dusk and dawn.“

Synopsis: Marungka tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black) follows Yankunytjatjara man Derik Lynch’s road trip back to Country for spiritual healing, as memories from his childhood return. A journey from the oppression of white city life in Adelaide, back home to his remote Anangu Community (Aputula) to perform on sacred Inma ground.

Inma is a traditional form of storytelling using the visual, verbal, and physical. It is how Anangu Tjukurpa (story connected to country / dreaming / myth / lore) have been passed down for over 60,000+ years from generation to generation.

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