Seto Current
by Naoto Kawamoto
Japan 2012, 10 minutes


It starts with the sea in the morning. The water is blue; the sun is rising and becomes brighter every second until it fills up the screen as a white nucleus with yellow edges. The edges become orange, the camera is pulled back little by little, so the picture changes. More and more, the sea is growing, the sun is darkening. Mountains appear in the background, later a landscape appears in the foreground, and the landscape is slowly but constantly moving. And so are the lights and the colors. At the end everything is dark. The day is over. Director Naoto Kawamoto (23) delivers an experimental film about light, color and reflections in nature. The sea and the sun are shown alternately, but not too fast. A film to enjoy capturing the beauty of nature and to launch the viewer into philosophy – just like “Whirling Current”, the film Kawamato presented last year at Berlinale shorts. This is the sequel.

by Andrea Wittgen

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