Utan Titel
by Leontine Arvidsson
Sweden 2012, 4 minutes

director Leontine Arvidsson with Maike Mia Höhne
director Leontine Arvidsson with Maike Mia Höhne

It’s less than a torso, but with arms and hands. Director Leontine Arvidsson (28) is focusing on a marvelously naked body without moving the camera, without music or sound. The section we see begins just above the navel and ends where the neck starts. At first glance a still-photograph, but then the left hand slowly starts moving and caressing the chest.

Utan Titel

The Chest is flat. It must be a young man’s chest. But the more the hand is wandering over the left side of the body, the more your erotic thoughts start to grow. But then you see: no nipple! And no indication that it has been removed. Erotic thoughts vanish. Curiosity starts and grows with the second hand moving around, clearing a breast. The movements become more intimate and wild, the whole body section moves and now you see a thin line on the left where the nipple is missing. It’s a scar, as beautiful as a scar could be. You feel trapped by the brilliant director. You feel trapped by yourself. You notice that you are a voyeur.  The film – of course – is a women’s film, an invitation to accept breast cancer – just like in “2011 12 30”, the other film by Arvidsson in competition – and the loss of a breast as a new body quality.

By Andrea Dittgen

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