About Ndugu
by David Munoz
(Spain 2013, 15 minutes)



The godson in Africa is called Ndugu. His foster father, 66 years old, writes him a letter announcing the death of his wife. Little Ndugu is shocked. He has to help the poor man and make him happy again! He takes the photo of his foster fathers and shows it around in the village. First he asks his grandma, an old widow: “Will you marry him?” She laughs at him, “I am too old”, she says. Ndugu is busy asking the other old women in his neighborhood to marry his foster father without success: “Look, he has grey hair!” said one of the old women to his friends. But the women don’t tease the boy. But they, too, don’t see the need to leave the nice African village and their quiet life. When the chief of the village hears about the boy’s attempts, he sends a nun to tell him to show his affection for the foster father in another way. But then the boy’s grandma comes. She wants to go to America to marry the guy.  This beautiful modern fairy tale by David Munoz (44) captures the life in an African village far from a big town and the intellectual world of a child. The pictures are quiet; everything is so lovely. And then you learn to see the demands in Europe and America to sponsor a child in the third world with new eyes.

By Andrea Dittgen


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