Ta av mig
Undress Me
by Victor Lindgren
Sweden 2013, 15 minutes

Ta Av Mig3

Boy meets girl in a bar, you can feel the sexual excitement. They are running through the streets in the night, when he suddenly discovered: she is taller than me, her voice is deeper than mine, she must be a man! “I had an operation three years ago,” she said. He survives the shock and becomes curious: “Can I see your breasts?” “Yes, but you have to show me your dick!” “Are you shaved?” The usual bed scene that follows is playing doctor. The two young adults behave like children exploring the Body of the opposite sex in a naïve but natural way. One word, one breast, one dick. Guess who lacks the courage to have sex? Right, it’s him. The leopard cannot change his spots. She seems to be used to this. The beautifully open-minded dialogue makes you laugh, then turn shy, as demanding sex scenes reach the quality of those in the feature film “The Sessions“(US 2012).

By Andrea Dittgen

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