In his computer game Everything, David OReilly (Please Say Something, Golden Bear for Best Short Film 2009 & RGB XYZ, Special Mention, Berlinale Shorts 2008) takes the leitmotif “REFRAMING THE IMAGE” to another level by choosing a philosophical approach. OReilly had two sources of inspiration for his film: on the one hand, the writings of English philosopher of religion Alan Watts, who above all undertook a deep investigation of the philosophies of Zen, Buddhism in general and Taoism; and on the other hand, the short film Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames from the year 1977, in which the camera is at first focussed on a picnicking couple in a park and then, in steps corresponding to powers of ten in surface area, zooms out further and further all the way into deep space, before finally diving back in towards Earth and the park, all the way into the inside of the human body. Everything is an invitation to be everything and everyone and to overcome the little needy self. This also represents a »reframing«.

You shouldn’t miss: In Another World: You Can Be Everything-Talk with David OReilly In the framework of Berlinale Talents, David OReilly will also be speaking with Maike Mia Höhne about his philosophy and aesthetic, and presenting the game version of Everything.

david-1Copyright by Dave McDowell

What is your ambition in the film?

To make something beautiful for people to enjoy.

How did you get started in the film business?

A friend entered a film I did in the 2008 Berlinale, an animated short called RGB XYZ, and then my life changed.

What are your future plans for 2017?

I don’t believe in the future. There is a strong possibility I will die, in which case it will stay 2017 forever.

Everything_02 -® David OReilly 2017.pngFilm excerpt from »Everything«

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