Between Regularity and Irregularity
by Masahiro Tsutani
Japan 2012, 8 minutes


Warning: This is a classic experimental short with disturbing pictures and sound! Filmmaker Masahiro Tsutani (44) is improvising, showing the exploding chaos in the world and in his brain. Pictures from the dark universe with a lot of white stars, moving so rapidly you can hardly follow, are accompanied by synthetic sounds. Everything gets on your nerves, the world sinks into total chaos. There is a flickering of white Pictures in the dark, but only structures, fragments, geometric patterns, sometimes really beautiful lines, in rare cases with colors, too. These pictures come and go like ideas that come into your mind and disappear because they are too funny to be real. It’s hard to bear the oscillating sounds which switch to organ music later, announcing a rough break into harmony. The sound floats into music and melodies, the pixilated pictures turn into psychedelic experiences. White smoke, coming from a cigarette, being blown into the dark and slowly moving around. You see dancing reflected in the water, white figures reminiscent of orchids. Everything is clear, smooth, happy, and just beautiful. But we all know this can’t last forever. After two minutes the chaos is back, even stronger and more disturbing than before. Or are we feeling different about disorder after too much harmony.

By Andrea Dittgen

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