A Coup de couteau denté“ –
by Clément Decaudin
(France 2012, 12 minutes)


A coup de couteau denté

in 2006, Jérôme Vassereau (guitar) and Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy (drums) formed the artist duo “Pneu” (French: “tire”) in Tours, France. They are quite famous in the club scene playing math rock and noise rock. The Music is loud, often improvised. Director Clément Decaudin (24) follows the two hyperactive musicians during rehearsal and in concert in his documentary. While the guitarist is playing, you hardly see his face, only his hair. It looks like he’s not seeing anything, not even his fellow musician. Only the close-ups captured by the camera show that there is eye contact between the two players announcing the beginning of a solo, for example. Jean-Baptiste reminds me of Animal, the Muppet Show drummer, hammering on the drums, barely looking around, he’s so lost in his music. After a while, the perspective changes and we see the audience close to the duo. There is no stage, people are simply surrounding the musicians. In this workshop atmosphere in a factory or a small club the listeners are tapping theirs toes, smiling and talking, too. Using just a few lights, the scene is a little bit spooky, forbidden, and rotten – just like the noisy music. After a while you get used to the dark and the players. Most of the time, you only see one of them from different angles. Slowly the camera opens up to the second player, the audience and the room. It’s a unique experience, an art performance that explains why “Pneu” is a cult band in France.

by Andrea Dittgen

Team of the film A coup de couteau denté with Maike Mia Höhne
Team of the film A coup de couteau denté with Maike Mia Höhne



Dieses Bild von Magritte habe ich gesucht, um die überwältigende, überfahrende Energie zu veranschaulichen, die das Spiel von PNEUS [aus dem Film A COUP DE COUTEAU DENTÉ] auf mich überträgt. Wenn eine Lokomotive unter Volldampf an einem Ort der Entspannung  auf dich zurast, dann geht echt was ab.

Ich weiß nicht, welche Musik Magritte gehört hat oder ob er gar ein Instrument gespielt hat. Aber er wusste, dass Musikspielen Energie verbraucht und Energie freisetzt. Der Schlagzeuger und der Gitarrist, sie explodieren und implodieren sogar in den Pausen.

Sie verkörpern pulsierendes Adrenalin. Sie stecken alles in Brand.

Magritte hat auch das geahnt: dieses Bild heißt: die Entdeckung des Feuers.


Von Wilhelm Faber

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